Shut the mouth of your Uber driver with this feature

It gets really bad when you’re looking for a quiet ride and then your driver starts talking like a trained parrot. Especially when you’re having a tiring day or a bad one, you feel like smashing his head on the steering. Not all drivers are the same, but some always keep irritating the rider with chit chats.

Getting rid of it is a bit awkward and disrespectful, also you can never predict the possible outcomes of it. Being one of the world’s biggest company, Uber is trying to solve this problem for its Uber Black (Premium) customers. Today, a US citizen who requests a ride in an Uber Black or an Uber Black SUV is provided with options to “Set the temperature of the car, Request a quiet ride and also some help with baggage”.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Uber X or Uber GO because it’s only available in Uber Black and Uber SUV. There are no additional charges for it, but it’s nothing but a luxury option you get to enjoy with your premium Uber services.