Small business survival gets better with the power of internet

The pandemic proved the significance of small businesses around the globe. According to Forbes, small businesses create more jobs than large corporations, which indicates the importance of protecting the small businesses which will indirectly protect the people.

Small businesses help us in a lot many ways than we think, apart from creating jobs, these small businesses makes things accessible even in the rural areas, they sell from essentials to everything that will help a communities to exist with comfort and peace.


The pandemic hit small businesses like anything, the consistent and long days of lockdown has put enormous pressure towards these businesses which indirectly affects the workers and their families.

But how can we get over this? How can a small business help themselves by creating a pandemic proof system that will help them survive another one?

The internet has helped small businesses a lot in terms of survival. Even though the smallest businesses which rely too much of offline activities couldn’t survive well, the businesses that are more consumer centric managed to survive somehow with the help of internet.

Imagine restaurants shutting down and the workers staying home, it could’ve happened in this pandemic situation if our food delivery apps was not in place. Today, food delivery apps around the globe help customers get access to food anytime, anywhere without compromising their safety.

At the same time, the restaurants can at least earn something to keep paying their salaries and rent in order to keep moving.

Work From Home

The concept of work from home was only possible because of the internet. Connectivity which was ensured by internet, enhanced by apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc has made work from home possible. It’s unimaginable to stay at home without work which will damage small-large corporations, economy and peoples lives in a far dangerous way.

The internet and its tools helped people move on with their pace. It was slow, and for some it was more productive. Large corporations benefited more with work from home with their highly scalable systems and technology they’ve adapted.

But even in this situation, small businesses has also adopted technology to ensure survival. The best they could do was ensuring survival and making sure there is some income flowing, because something is better than nothing.

Small businesses will flourish soon after the pandemic, the demand and supply will come back to normal, the economies around the globe will come back to its right position, because history has taught us how to move on. But there are lessons to be learnt, especially in terms of supporting your local businesses and its significance.

The large corporations has many options, the small businesses only option is you and that’s where your responsibility to help them comes in. It’s not mandatory, it’s more of a support that you can do to ensure the growth of the economy and the people around you.

The internet will keep on building tools that will help small businesses grow, and the only thing we should wait for, is the next big thing.