Smart reply is coming on hangout chats by Google

It definitely looks similar to LinkedIn, but it’s powerful and way better because of the intense machine learning and data that Google has in its server. Everybody thought that hangouts by Google are dying because of their new apps like Allo and Duo (but why?).

The guess doesn’t seem valid now, because Google is consistently upgrading their social communication app hangout (maybe for the existing users?). Just like every other Google product, hangout is also getting more artificially intelligent upgrades like the smart reply feature.

Smart Reply

It looks like hangout is inheriting from Gmail (quite natural because Gmail was serving hangouts since years). The radiation from Gmail has finally arrived hangouts in the form of “smart reply” feature.

Depending on your messages and the pattern, the machine learning and artificially intelligent algorithm automatically recommend the best message you’d want to send in a jiffy.

Well, you get the option to edit the message if you want or just send it just like that. It looks really interesting because just like every other machine learning model, Google’s new smart reply feature will consistently learn more about the user’s conversation style and recommend accordingly (which is wow).

Their smart reply feature on Gmail is already brilliant. It automatically fills a big part of the email with a click of “Tab” button. The recommendations are wow and it clearly defines that Gmail algorithms are reading our emails.

Anyway, there is more to come from Google. They clearly stated in the last Google IO event that their primary focus is on machine learning and making use of artificial intelligence on their products. Hangout smart reply feature will roll out in English within 2 days time (please hold on).

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