Storing personal files on the cloud is not a luxury anymore

5-10 years back, storing something on the cloud was always a question. Why would someone store their personal files like photos, videos and even sensitive documents on the cloud when there are enough storage solutions available such as a pendrive or a hard drive?

Well, the trend has changed and the cloud won the game.


The number one reason why cloud storage has become so famous is because of its accessibility. You can store any files anytime on the cloud from your smartphone provided that you have a pretty good internet connection. Smartphone industry growth directly influenced the growth of mobile network speed and cloud storage.

Companies like Google, Dropbox, Apple, and even Microsoft have their own cloud storage solutions for the consumers to store their personal files. Google and Apple have played a major role in making cloud storage happen with the help of billions of devices out there in the market.


It’s safe. Compared to the fact that your pendrive or a hard drive could be stolen and being used without your permission (which is always a possibility) cloud storage is safe. Cloud storage services like Google Drive and Apple iCloud is much safer because of the investments they’ve put in their cloud infrastructure.

The advantage of cloud storage is sharability, accessibility, and comfort. You don’t have to carry your pendrive all the time, you can access your files from the internet anytime, any day. You don’t even need your device to access the same files, you just have to remember your credentials. Also, you’re safe from industry-standard viruses (if you know what I mean).

In the generation of 4G and upcoming 5G connectivity, downloading and uploading files are getting faster than transferring your files to a pendrive. Speed and accessibility with the power of being able to share your files with your peers gave wings to cloud storage.


It’s expensive compared to a pendrive, but it’s never expensive compared to the features and accessibility you get. Well, most of the cloud storage solutions come with a free package. Google provides 15GB free while Apple provides 5GB storage. Once you reach the limit, you’ll be charged (starting from $2 a month for 100GB).

New generation cloud solutions provide features filled with artificial intelligence which will automatically find the faces of your friends from your photos and share recommendations based on file content. Apart from the storage, accessibility on multiple devices with just an internet connection, and a bulk load of features, they also provide a solution to lots of existing problems.

Cloud storage has helped people and businesses do great and it will keep on solving problems, it has become more of a necessity than a luxury.