Super Bowl Ad won’t sell with Amazon Alexa

Sometimes when we play a video which contains words like “Hey Google”, “Alexa” etc could really make it weird at home. The assistant devices will start to respond without a second thought and controlling them is the worst part of life.

There are new ads coming like the Super Bowl ad that triggers Google Assistant with just a “Hey Google” command, but Alexa isn’t responding and that’s the most interesting story that could change your decision to choose between the two.


Well, Alexa has a very unique technology that automatically sorts these types of issues. Their acoustic fingerprinting technology let this happen, but maybe an official statement could give you a clear understanding.

“If the audio of a request matches that of requests from at least two other customers, we identify it as a media event,” the company explains. “We also check incoming audio against a small cache of fingerprints discovered on the fly (the cached fingerprints are averages of the fingerprints that were declared matches). The cache allows Alexa to continue to ignore spurious wake words even when they no longer occur simultaneously.”

Meaning that Alexa is precisely intelligent which communicates with other devices through a central repository to learn and adapt to changes. This feature really makes it easier and irritation free compared to the devices like Google Home which respond to approximately anything.

Compared to Google Assistant, which is the Google Home, Alexa is doing a great job with continuous feature updates and with good user satisfaction rate. Both come around the same cost and share almost all kinds of behaviors.