Taking ‘YouTube’ for granted might not be a good idea

On April 25th, 2005, this video was posted on YouTube as the first-ever video to go on the world’s largest video website. YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users and it’s consistently growing. A bunch of experts says that YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Search Engine

Well, if you had a problem back in 2010, you’d just Google it, but today you also think about YouTubing it. Cooking, working, learning, dancing and even self hair cut during quarantine, YouTube has changed the way we spent time online.

It has become a problem solver to many things in the world. We rely on Google textual content to get answers to our questions, but we are increasingly moving towards YouTube to see how the problem can be actually solved. In fact, the creators are focusing more on developing videos rather than focusing on textual content.


The fact that YouTube has become a money-making machine for thousands of creators isn’t just a joke. An 8-year-old kid earned more than $26 million by unboxing toys according to Forbes. Several creators are generating an unbelievable amount of money with the help of YouTube content creation.

YouTube has appreciated them more than the users by giving them awards and other perks as well. Interestingly, YouTube is now a bigger community rather than a platform. A community where people enjoy spending time watching movies, series, videos, learning for their future, understanding politics, and exploring the unknown.

The mainstream media is being controlled, but YouTube is a people’s place where nothing is actually controlled apart from sensitive content and fake content, such a beautiful community is nothing but the efforts of millions of creators, thousands of developers and millions of dollars of investment.

Not Granted

It’s free to use, you might see ads and you have the option to stop seeing ads by paying a charge. But you gotta understand the fact that the world wouldn’t be the same without YouTube. A big majority of the youth has gained serious knowledge about what’s happening on the planet. YouTube has helped spread major news around the world to fight against things that harm the world and it has helped people raise millions of dollars to help each other.

Clearly, we cannot take it for granted. Keep using it, leverage the advantages, and always stay thankful. Thank you YouTube especially in the hard times, you’re helping millions of people to get going.