Tesla expanded its merchandise business to Amazon

Tesla is famous for spreading it’s merchandise around the country to maximize their funding and to build the brand with high-quality premium products that were exclusively available at Tesla’s merch store.

Well, the giant is now on Amazon to sell the merchandise around the world rather than limiting the sales inside the country. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla is very much into merchandise and flame thrower business as well.

The exclusivity and limited stocks are really attracting a big range of audience to purchase the product. You can imagine the kind of sale that could happen when one of the most brilliant CEO’s on the planet launches a power bank from the most innovating electric car makers in the world known as Tesla.

The merch round includes coffee mugs, mobile cases, and even a mouse. Tesla fans claim that “Amazon is lucky to have Tesla” on board and it’s a positive move to collect more funding from multiple locations as well.

Tesla has a very peak level selling capability with most of the exclusive launches going “out of stock” in a single day. Their recent surfboard went out of stock in a day with a cost of $1500 per board.

So, maybe it’s time for Amazon to make some more profit (rather than pointing tesla).

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