The future of smartphone design is still a mystery

When the smartphone industry was booming back in 2007 after the release of the first iPhone, people never thought touch screen phones will revolutionize the world.

Today, in 2020, smartphone brands are focusing more on building the next generation smartphone by trying to innovate different types of designs to solve problems. Samsung and Huawei came up with the dual display and now the LG wing has a totally different design approach.


The modern generation is looking for a better camera, better display, and better accessibility. When the first generation was looking for utility, the upcoming generation is looking for comfortability. Smartphone brands are focusing on what the market is looking for. One camera has now become four cameras, edge to edge display is stretching even more.

Devices are being folded, flexed and now LG has come up with a wing version as well.

Interestingly, the race towards finding the optimal design for the future is still ON, and the winner isn’t really very clear. Even though every brand is equally competent, the user experience is still a question. The foldable devices launched by Samsung and Huawei didn’t perform well. In fact, Microsoft launched its Duo version which is expected to perform well (by Microsoft).


Honestly, none of the devices that came out with “out of the box design” is creating a massive buzz or a revolution. Consumers are looking for something practical, strong, and “makes sense” where nothing is being compromised.

Well, the future is bright. Maybe the pandemic is pulling us a little bit back on research and development but the efforts from engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs will one day pay off with a brilliant design that will revolutionize the way we use smartphones.