Tinder doesn’t want to pay a cut to Google Play Store

Tinder is integrating its own payment system within the app to improve the user experience. Usually, apps listed on Google Play Store or Apple App Store use the payment system provided by the market place to collect payments with the click of a button. The existing payment integration provided by Google or Apple isn’t really affecting the “user experience” by any means.

It looks like Tinder doesn’t want to pay a 30% cut to Google Play Store (15% from the second year). It should be the objective to bring in more money to the company by providing an internal payment solution without affecting the existing user experience inside the app. By doing this, the company gets 100% control on their payment system and skips paying 30% cut to Google. Though Tinder is a very famous application on the play store, Google just cannot remove it from play store pointing violations. Maybe the company will redesign the protocols to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Source: Bloomberg