Uber is actually making the city traffic worse

Transportation companies like Uber and Lyft are not just acquiring good market shares, but they also have an eye on “Traffic share”. The drivers are always on the road looking for new passengers and taking their passengers to their destinations. Ridesharing is also an important selling point for all these transportation companies.

Well, a research conducted by Fehr & Peers clearly showed that Uber and Lyft together takes a pretty decent “Traffic share” on the roads. The companies together account for 13% of the traffic share (VMT). The traffic share depends on the locations and the Uber culture in that particular city.

Though 89% and more traffic share are still owned by personal vehicles, these fresh companies are too fast to have such a hike in traffic share. Hopefully, there will be a balance in traffic management and it looks like companies like Uber is investing in traffic research as well. They’d definitely love to have all the traffic share, but with better traffic conditions.