UK Govt to question Tinder and Grindr child policies

UK government has taken serious steps to scrutiny the age check policies and methodologies followed by apps like Tinder and Grindr. Reports from Sunday times claims that few sexual assaults including 30 instances of rape has happened against children.

Though the apps are clearly stating in their policies about age checks and COPA (child online protection act), but curious childrens are getting into the application without any problems. The companies reported that an automated age check system combined with a manual profile checks are also made to make sure that no children has entered the databse.

It doesn’t sound practical, although there is no other option left for the developers and the government itself to control the entry of childrens who fake their details while singing up. Applications like Tinder and Grindr are reported to have a good share in dating industry also resulting in disturbing facts like rapes and sexual assaults.

Government could come up with some regulations to keep the childrens away from such applications, the developers can come up with an innovative solution to keep the childrens away and most importantly the parents can really play a major role in this kind of a situation.

Source : Sunday Times

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