Vulnerability is everywhere, security investments are rising

When you build something that could be used by millions of people around the world, you gotta make sure that there is a strict security protocol in place to protect user data. If that’s the case, why does Google and even Apple gets hacked?

Companies like Google had invested 100’s of millions of dollars into enhancing their security levels by hiring great talents, acquiring security companies and even more on the machinery side.


The real problem is hackers and their level of skills. No company can actually hire good and talented hackers, because they just don’t work for companies like Google. The past of cybersecurity clearly states that the most talented hackers on the planet are doing unethical hacking called blackhat hacking.

When they find new methodologies to hack into sensitive data servers such as Google or Apple, major outbreaks happen. According to privacy policies around the globe, brands like Google and Apple are liable to report the breach within 24 hours of figuring it out.

Let’s assume that these companies are honest because in recent times these giants have shared outbreak details and have warned affected users as per law. A data breach cannot be 100% avoided, the best thing tech giants can do is invest in security solutions which they are doing at present.


Looks like it doesn’t exist. The only practical option is to stay as safe as possible.

In 2018, GitHub one of the largest community of developers survived the world’s largest DDoS attack (1.3 Tbs) and maintained to stay online. The architecture and security levels of GitHub is at such levels that the hackers are finding it hard to break the protocol in existence.

At the same time, there are ethical hackers present in this world. There are brilliant vulnerability analysts, making unbelievable amounts of money hacking into tech giants and telling them how they did it.

Hiring such talents isn’t an easy process, so the management is conducting hacking competitions with brilliant rewards. Ethical hackers are always attracted to such events and some events have helped hackers become millionaires and multi-millionaires.


Everything happens at the cost of privacy, but there isn’t a better way to approach it as well. Ethical or unethical, they can only show their skills by breaking into the privacy of millions of users. Giants might close the hole, but the giants are equally aware of the hidden talents who doesn’t show up for events.

Just like professionals predict, the third world war could be cyber warfare or at least a major portion of the war will be handled by cyber professionals. Around the world, the Internet is simply the same, there are literally no borders. Absolute privacy is a myth, knowing that you’re already hacked is a good way to put it.

The only good thing you can do? Don’t share too much private information online. Simple!