Waymo has nearly touched the future of self-driving cars

In April 2017, Waymo by Google started signing up 400 members to test the waymo fully autonomous vehicles in Pheonix and Arizona areas. They had a clear vision about building the best autonomous vehicles for the future and they have already reached some points.

Recently John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo published an article on Medium briefing their new commercial self-driving car service called Waymo one. Well, waymo one is definitely the future of commercial autonomous vehicles. Even though at present the cars are backed up with a driver to manage the vehicle if something wrong happens, but they are nearing the accuracy with their brilliant algorithms and engineering.

Waymo One

Waymo One is not yet public, but it comes with an application which is accessible to the users who joined early-stage testing of Waymo. They can request a waymo one fully self-driving car and get around the city.

It’s like your uber without a driver. These cars are fully automated and it just communicates with the application for pickup and drop. Waymo team is currently testing waymo one and they’ve decided to add more people to the testing pool in order to understand what people actually need.

Waymo one would be one of the most exciting drives for the public. It might take a few years until it’s public, but still, the technology is absolutely ready to roll. Waymo as a company is not ready to take chances with the life of people, so it’s their responsibility to test the commercial service before it goes public.


Companies like Waymo, Telsa and a few others from America and Europe is all it takes to confirm the future of self-driving cars. Even though unexpected events had happened, the innovation and technology development in the field of artificial intelligence coined with autonomous vehicles never end.

More vehicles will come, more brands will come up with their own algorithms. Existing brands like Telsa, waymo etc is more than enough to bring out the safest algorithms of all time.

They have states like California, and locations in Europe to test their vehicles, all they need is data to analyze and to implement the actual self-driving trend into the market without fear. Integrating confidence within the people and society is all they need to bring out the trend, for that they need brilliant technologies which they already do.

Let’s wait and watch!

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