When AI Generates Mind-Blowing Artworks

Back in May, we talked about the use of AI in translation, the different concepts involved, but did you know that AI could generate artwork as well? During this summer, Internet lost its mind after seeing all the mind-blowing results you can obtain just by typing a few words in.

AI Art Generators

Among different AI generators, Midjourney is the most famous and efficient one. After following specific instructions using Discord, you can generate 25 images totally for free. Afterwards, you can subscribe by choosing different options ranging from $10 to $20 a month (or more).

Do you want more options? Here is a list of other AI generators: NightCafe, DALL-E 2, Deep Dream Generator, Artbreeder, Big Sleep, DeepAI, StarryAI…

Artists vs AI

Could AI actually threaten artists/illustrators? When you think about it, it’s cheaper, faster and gives the perfect illusion that a piece has been made by a human. Results are so seamless that someone actually used an AI generated artwork in a competition (and won!).

From an artistic point of view, this is revolutionary: this technology goes beyond human imagination and provides new ways of interpreting existing art. For example, you could type in the title of a famous painting, change or add words and boom! A brand new reading, pushing even deeper discussions around art.

In parallel to that debate, AI generated art is a solution for content creators since they are getting tired of using the same copyright free images all over again. It allows them to entertain and captivate their audience with very unique pictures (some are very disturbing).

Bottom Line

As time goes by, artificial intelligence is evolving insanely fast. One the one hand, it is a very fascinating technology that we cannot really control: we can only witness its behavior. On the other hand, because of that lack of “human hold”, AI has a scary aspect as it goes deeper in the unknown. What should we expect next? Let’s wait and see!