YouTuber’s now have the chance to make more revenue

Google is consistently improving the experience of YouTube from the users perspective and the creators perspective as well. Being in the creators perspective, YouTube is also worried about quality which made them put a slab on the revenue generation protocols. YouTube introduced slabs like 1000 followers and 4000 watch hours in a year to start monetizing your video, but the company is still working hard on improving the creators who produce high-quality content.

YouTube is now introducing tier level membership which can be customized by the creators. They can add more tiers in membership where users can pay at a different scale to get different kinds of exclusive content from their favorite creators. In addition to these features, YouTube is also joining with other companies to support creators manage their merch business via YouTube.

It’s pretty straightforward that YouTube will definitely succeed in this attempt to support creators to generate more revenue. Just, as usual, the contnet quality will always win the hearts of the people driving more revenue for the creators.