You could get verified on twitter without being a celebrity

38% of the abusive content are automatically flagged by Twitter

Recently, the social media giant Twitter started developing applications within their system to fight abusive content. The result of their hard work is starting to show off. Abusive contents are becoming a threat to the entire social media. In fact, the famous TikTok application is now banned in India due to the overload of abusive content.

Last year, the Twitter tools couldn’t even solve any abusive content problems, but recently they announced that 38% of the abusive tweets are being spotted by the tool and deleted automatically. The tool is getting really good at its initial stage considering the fact that they are a long way ahead to reach the goals.

Privacy protection and getting rid of abusive content is one and most important thing Twitter has in their policies. The company has also put efforts in monitoring political ads with strict rules, they deployed a feature for users to directly contact twitter if a flag has been raised accidentally. Hopefully, the company will hit its goals by protecting the user’s safety and security.