Fight between e-Commerce giants and boutique stores

Since the beginning of Amazon, e-Commerce has grown tremendously well around the globe. The easiness of purchasing something you need right from your couch wasn’t really a thing back in the ’90s. Today, it takes barely a few minutes to choose your favorite product, adding it to the cart, and making the payment.

Things happen in a snap!


Well, that’s exactly the problem too. Local small business has seen serious business failures due to the growth of online stores. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pair of shoes or a table, you can get pretty much anything online without much of a hassle. The small business owners around the world spent their time, energy, and money into importing, handling logistics, showcasing, paying rent, and payroll to sell products that are already at your fingertips.

Amazon is facing pretty big problems legally with the government and small business owners due to the business loss they’ve faced. In fact, Amazon is also facing anti-trust issues due to their competition practices which is not so impressive in the eyes of government as well as small business owners.

Consistent innovation, research and development are helping brands like Amazon to build even more interesting features like asking Alexa to purchase something. In fact, Amazon is providing products at a different price when you order via Alexa so that you get used to it.



If you’re active on Facebook and Instagram, you might have started noticing lots of small players on the market. Shopify stores, especially run by boutique owners selling niche products with a story is nothing but an absolute beauty to watch.

It’s never a competition, they are small stores trying to showcase their mini catalog online with national or international delivery support. Just like every other market, there are both good products and bad quality products on these stores as well, but the good ones are definitely getting attention.

Shopify, which is one of the world’s best website to start an online shop helps small business owners to kick-start their business without much of a hassle. Serveral third-party solutions are emerging to support small business owners to sell their products online which is now a profitable model.

The good thing is that consumers are trusting small business by purchasing products online from their official stores. Supporting small business owners is an important duty to maintain balance in economy. The growth of small business owners around the globe is necessary to balance employment and that looks like a happening thing in the near future.

There is no race, there’s only value. Small and large business are winning by providing value, as long as there is high value provided with quality service, customers will make the right choices , but the game of domination is yet to show what’s out there in the future.