Influencers are the powerful new celebrities in town

Back in the time when social media was not present, becoming a celebrity was one of the hardest thing. Well, it hasn’t become any easier, but compared to the older times, things are much easier than before.
Social media influencers are the new big deal in town. They make loud noise around the globe with their special skills or attention seeking character. Today, the competition is not between the skilful, the new way of achievement stands with numbers.
1 million followers in 1 week, that’s possible.


Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat and many more has made common people into millionaire celebrities in the matter of months. These platforms, especially Instagram and Tiktok have accelerated the number of influencers within a very short span of time.
All you need is an attractive skill or an idea that goes viral and it’s definitely easier said than done. Not everyone can become a celebrity, at the same time, a single candid photo of yours could win the internet overnight and hence your followers number will grow without a limit.


One of the primary differences between legendary celebrities and social media influencers is that the influencers need to make their move consistent. If people get bored with the influencer, the rate of unfollow will keep on decreasing like they increased in the first place.
Also, when some governments like the Indian government banned TikTok for security reasons, all the influencers with millions of followers just vanished and had to fight really hard to pick up something back on Instagram.

Getting Paid

Yes, they do get paid and some do get paid a lot. Advertisers and advertising agencies are very well connected to influencers and they consistently sell ads with these influencers. Note that depending on where you live, the legislation regarding earning money from any social media platform may not be allowed.
It could be a single Instagram post, or a video placing the product in a way that it won’t make the viewer feel weird. A the end of the day, they got paid for the work they do and there are several millionaires in the club as well.
They’re powerful because they can influence their followers and they can make something go viral to a limit and sometimes without a limit. They get paid and they keep producing more content. They’re popular and they’re famous enough to get noticed in public and maybe for a selfie.
The best part? It could be YOU! Just like every other influencer in town, there is a high chance that some of your skill or idea could strike a thunder with millions of followers and maybe millions of dollars.