A New Robot To Take On Job In ISS

There is a new addition to the International Space Station, and it is not an astronaut. It is a robot. CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) is an artificial robot and intelligence assistant. The bot is designed by Airbus and IBM, and is designed to assist the European Space Agency’s astronauts in everyday mundane tasks. The bot is not that heavy and weighs only 11 pounds.

This smart bot that is powered by IBM’s Watson would be able to be corresponded by the crew members via voice commands and also a preset database of procedures. And talk of an emotional robot, because the bot will be able to detect the crew member’s moods and would be able to react accordingly.

Airbus wants this robot to be exactly like a walking and talking Google Assistant. CIMON will be having a friendly face and voice and will be able to operate like a true crew member aboard the station. And since the robot would be able to detect emotions as well, CIMON is expected to be treated just as any other astronaut aboard the ship.


CIMON has been trained alongside Alexander Gerst, a German astronaut, and CIMON was able to recognize the astronaut’s voice and face and was able to help him to complete three distinct and difficult tasks.

CIMON, now after training will begin to start working on a mission with Gerst, and will take place between June and October 2018. But it is hoped and expected that CIMON would be able to observe crew members on longer missions, and would also help scientists more in much more complicated and longer missions.


This is very important, not only for work aboard the space station but also in bringing alive dreams of Martian colonies. And when you think of it, work is required not only inside the spaceship but also outside the space station. And instead of taking the risk of humans doing the job, these robots would be able to take on the job.