Digital Nomads – All that they need is a Laptop and Internet

You might have noticed that a young man/woman tapping his/her laptop keyboard like a piano in a nearby Starbucks, but do you really know who he/she is? Well, it’s really hard to predict, he/she could be living 2kms away or maybe more 2000km.

Digital works

The beauty of digital works is pretty simple. You get to work anywhere assuming that you have a laptop with sufficient battery power and a pretty decent internet connection to proceed.

Most of the digital works require creative thinking, so if you’re on some kinda digital work, the chances of spending more time thinking rather than actually working on the laptop are extremely high.

Anyway, coming back to the story, Digital Nomads are people who do digital work but are also nomadic in nature. Nomadic is pretty much self-explanatory, it happens when you simply travel and do your things on your own. It’s not just about doing things on your own, but it’s more about a lot of things being managed in a most minimalistic manner.

Like writing? How about Rome?

Beach and Beer is your favorite? how about Bali?

Oh someone is attracted to Croatia? Not a problem

You can work from anywhere, anytime, it’s all yours and you get paid. 


Most digital nomads are approaching clients to help them grow their revenue which is being spent on travel budgets. Most of the clients aren’t even interested in knowing the location of their freelancer, they simply need the work to be done. The key advantage of this ideology is simply that.

You can work anywhere you want and as long as you produce quality work, you keep getting paid on time so that you can travel on time. The concept sounds more like a barter system that happens within the minds of two people.

Well, Doctors might not be comfortable being a digital nomad even though there is a Da Vinci machine in the surgery room. Engineers other than programmers cannot enjoy such a beautiful life, because of the nature of their work. Well, they have a different name for it and it doesn’t happen often. It’s called vacation and it’s not always the same.


Nomadic culture is within our blood, our ancestors have always been nomads. When the new age of digital technology which has an age of fewer than 20 years is booming, the term nomad has already married the term digital, hence digital nomad.

It’s fun, it’s good and it’s pretty expensive considering the fact that you won’t be able to save your income. It will boost your creativity and improves life quality like anything. Altogether, it’s definitely a healthy option to adapt.

So, where are you off to this week?