Tired of reading books? Start listening to them.

Reading on paper vs e-books

Technology has changed the way we live and it has touched almost all the activities that we do on a daily basis. Most importantly, innovative solutions have provided mobility to flexibility with easy access to anything you want anytime, anywhere.

Well, if you really wanted to learn how to build a rocket, in the 90’s you’d have to approach a professor, get graduation and then design something by reading tons of books. Nowadays however, all it takes is a YouTube video or to stretch it up, a YouTube channel playlist.


Video streaming has played a very important role in making the internet interactive today, even the famous bloggers and content creators are switching to creating video content rather than writing books. The objective is very clear, attractive, which is nothing but easy communication.

If you want to fix a problem on your laptop, you’ve got two options: read the manual or google it. But when you google it, you get two further options: read it or watch it (what a comfortable world).

It’s all thanks to the content generators and hard work of millions of developers around the world for making this a reality. But it seems like something is still old and standing out of the crowd even though several entrepreneurs are trying to achieve it.


Several innovative tech solutions arrived in the last decade to revolutionize book reading. Hundreds of CEO’s working hard to get it right, but they forgot the fact that reading a physical book is still nothing but absolutely interesting.

Even though there are e-Books, Amazon Kindle, Audio Books, etc available, consumers still tend to choose physical books, no matter how bulky it is. Of course, audiobooks and e-Books are selling, but they never dominated it and it looks like they couldn’t do it.

Reports from various sources provide a mixed idea about whether or not the digital-book reading industry is growing or not, but the sales of books are still rising without a doubt. Maybe it’s because of the feeling you get when you really go into a depth of the book with its the smell and nature.

Although the reason is unclear, that doesn’t keep the innovators from bringing out more solutions. It looks like the bottom line winner is physical books rather than a digital solution. But will it see a drastic change? let’s wait and see.