Green startups makes the world a better place

North, south, east or west, it’s green everywhere. No it’s not just the green plants and trees, it’s way more than that.

Businesses are going green and that’s a real good news. Today whenever a company publishes their annual report, they talk a lot about their green initiatives, and how they care about the world. In fact Apple recently stopped shipping cellphone chargers with the phone as a part of their green initiative (strange).

Well, the whole world has kinda decided to go green in the coming years by reducing their carbon footprints, avoiding plastics and taking care of the nature with innovation and compassion.


Recently, since nearly around a year or so, every startup pitch that’s published online has a page that talks about their green initiatives, meaning the future businesses and entrepreneurs are really concerned about the climate and the nature (which is again a good news). In fact in some countries there are tax advantages and lots of other perks which are being given to businesses for innovating in green initiatives.

Tesla, one of the world’s biggest electric car makers in the world is actually doing a wonderful job spreading awareness about how green the world can be (and why Mars is important too). Google has invested billions of dollars in solar energy while Apple has promised to go completely carbon neutral by 2030.

Trust me, it’s not easy! These commitments are on the roof and it takes a whole lot of efforts, money and man power to make it a reality. But what do they get it return?


Actually, we’re the ones who benefit out of it and that’s why the governments are also putting their hands into the game. Bringing the right regulations, pushing businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and joining hands with the international community to build a better greener harmless world. Every time a company puts a dollar into their green initiative, and every-time you use a paper straw instead of a plastic one, you’re saving the planet.

and that’s something to keep watching. Let’s make this world a better place.