Increasing your lifespan with the help of technology

If you were reading this in 1800, then chances are you’re younger than 29 years. The average life expectancy rate in 1800 was 29 years, and it improved over time to nearly 70 in a very short span of time. But how did this happen?

Technology is the answer. Scientists, engineers, researchers, statisticians and billions of people worked hard to make this happen. Outbreaks of viruses, war fights and literally everything that affects human life have been reduced drastically nowadays due to the consistent hard work of people.


The predicted reason for extinction could be an asteroid attack, but there is something more powerful and more probable than an asteroid attack which is nothing but a virus outbreak into the general public. Viruses spread very fast and some of them are considered as one of the world’s most disastrous events.

The speed of virus spreading cannot be even compared to the speed of medicine invention, it’s pretty hard to come up with a medicinal solution to a virus within a short span of time. The only solution is technology in healthcare and it’s getting started in a very positive manner.


Technology is not just about your smartphone or an interesting smart glasses. Technology is a much more wide space and it could be anywhere in any industry. Especially in the case of healthcare, technology is being widely used for 3 major purposes.

  1. Diagnosis

Diagnosing a health problem is the first step in figuring out a solution. Unless and until you understand the problem and the depth of the problem, there is nothing you can do to fix it. MRI scanning was first tested out in 1977, nowadays MRI scan is a common practice to diagnose a major health problem.

Solutions similar to MRI scanning like glucometers, PET scans, and even your Apple watch could figure out an artillery fibrillation problem, even cancer diagnostic has become much easier than before, saving millions of lives around the world.

2. Surgery

Da Vinci is world’s one of the most famous surgical machine which has already taken care of more than 200,000 surgeries worldwide. The technology is so brilliant that even the doctors are worried about whether they’ll forget the procedures of surgeries. Just like that, a number of technological solutions are working 24×7 on each and every hospital in this world.

3. Predictions

Machine learning and deep learning methodologies are used in healthcare solutions to predict the chances of a new virus outbreak or to study the health status of an entire nation and it’s citizens. Highly performing computer solutions are used to figure out major challenges in healthcare.

Bottom Line

Technology has clearly improved our life expectancy rate, and it will keep on doing the same. But the overuse of technology has the absolute potential to decrease our life expectancy either. Investing in quality health care technology is one of the major decisions to be taken by the governments and the investors around the world to keep the research and development going because if the technology was the thing that saved us, it will stay as the only option too.