Install these 5 apps right now, thank us later.

An explanation about apps and the their role in our life is just useless here. You know very well that you cannot spend a day or another without depending upon apps.

We know a lot of commonly used apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc, but maybe you should really put some time into some apps that could change the way you live (try being efficient).

Let’s walk through the 5 beautiful apps which might change your life!

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google assistant is one of the most recommended app and it’s totally beautiful to interact with. This assistant app is far better than Siri, more conversationalist than Siri and works with iPhone as well.

It’ll help you navigate, keep reminders, manage alarms and even help you book a table at your favorite restaurant. It’s pretty similar to having a personal assistant who could manage everything for you without making errors.

Give it a go, maybe you can ask Siri to install Google assistant for you!

Siri : “May be that’s beyond my abilities”.




If you’re a selfie addict or a passionate mobile photographer, then this app is the right one for you. Snapseed is a photo editing app from Google, and it’s stuffed with lots of great features.

You cannot really find a better app than this on the playstore to edit photos. Instagram and Facebook may have filters, but this guy has something more to make your photos amazing!

Give it a go, you can change your looks totally that even your mother might not recognise you (I mean the filters could help).





Inbox is a beautiful crafted efficient application from Gmail. A very good majority of the common smartphone users rely on Google account to check emails. The app so called Gmail is already in our devices, but this one is far better.

The inbox app from Google is a bit more advanced and interesting way of seeing and managing your emails. You can login with your Google account and receive emails directly in the inbox app.

The speciality of this app is that it has artificial intelligence to help you do better with email management. The app recognises if it’s a bill or a flight ticket, it reminds you about activities, you can schedule an email, you can get alerts about your flight and even more.

It categorises every email smoothly and helps you strike off them after finishing the work. It even shows up quick response to emails.

May be when your ex-girlfriend asks you a question via email, Inbox could help give a quick answer (you know what I mean).




Ever had trouble saving content? like you really wanted to read an article but you didn’t had time and you left it? Not anymore! because pocket is to help.

Whenever you find an interesting article, save it to your pocket. It’s as easy as adding the link to pocket or sharing to pocket. Pocket is a very interesting and efficient app which saves your article links, downloads the content alone (without ads and bullshit) and lets you read it without hassle.

You can read the article anytime in the pocket app with total calmness. The user interface and readability within the app is just dope. You should give this a try because this app can surely boost up your reading.

because someone said “reading is pleasure”.


To-do list

To-do list


A smartphone without a todo list is not a smartphone. Also to make the point clear, you can download your favorite to-do list app, because there are few 10 great todo list apps and they cannot be compared.

Each and every one has got their own capabilities and advantages. The recommendation list would be like evernote (notes and todo), Todo list,, Wunderlist (Microsoft ToDo) etc.

Keep a todo list to keep up your goals, daily activities and works.

You can even keep a todo like this one “✓ Download todo list app”.



Well, you don’t really have to depend on these apps, but they surely make your day efficient and productive without a doubt. Especially Pocket and Inbox with the help of Google assistant is wow!

These apps could save you serious time. No matter who you’re, these apps can surely help you out. They got a million downloads already, and people are finding it so useful. Give it a try, maybe you can save some time for a coffee with your loved ones.