Tired of reading books? Start listening to them2

Tired of reading books? Start listening to them.

The chemistry between books and people is natural. Books are not man made things, it’s an idea crafted by the nature to convey a message to the people.

From rags to riches, town to cities, books are changing people’s life like anything and it’s very important to read. Psychological benefits of reading and learning new things everyday is huge.

But, it’s tiring!

Yes, reading books is not a very good time pass for sure (at least for some people). Everybody wants that knowledge, they need that new thing inside them and they very well know that books can do it.

But reading is still tiring.


Tired of reading books? Start listening to them.


Few entrepreneurs are here to help. Nobody has got enough time to read books, neither they got the intention to do it, but they don’t fancy missing out the knowledge they could get from books.

So, they introduced,

Audio Books

Audio Books


Audio books is nothing but someone reading the book for you (not your grandma). It’s as easy as listening to the audio version of the book while you’re driving (just kidding, drive safe), while you’re waiting for someone or even if you’re in an airplane.

It’s a perfect time pass indeed.

One of the best advantages of listening to audio books is that you can finish the book within 8–12 hours of listening, you can pause, play and listen to them whenever you want.

The voice is being recorded by professionals in a studio so that you don’t have to worry about the quality. One of the other advantages is that you could feel the emotions better.

For eg, let’s take this line.

Reading : Honey, it’s time we go!

Listening : Honeyyyy!, it’s time weeee goooo!

There is a difference you know, only voice can help because these professional recorders might have read the book like a 100 times so that they know what is what.




Well, it’s your choice anyway to choose the one you love. Amazon audible, Scribd, Google play audio books etc. are the ones in the recommendation list. Sometimes you’ll find your favorite book in audible, or maybe you’ll prefer Google because the book is available there.

So, It’s your personal preference because at the end of the day you gotta read your favorite book no matter what. They do charge an amount to read books, and it’s quite cheap compared to what you’re getting in return.

Start today,

Go ahead and try listening to your first audio book today, you can get some more idea about this on youtube. Just search for some audiobooks on youtube and you’ll find few.

The concept of audiobook is amazing, you just have to get used to it and you’ll see enormous time saving within your days. It’s totally worth the money.