Send an Email to your future self with these websites.

The introduction to email technology was revolutionary, nobody ever thought that emails could be a part of our daily life (I agree, it’s irritating at times).

They changed the way we communicate, especially with the power of internet and protocols to support safe and secure message communication. Thousands of messaging apps may come and go, but nothing can beat emails.

Let it be personal, professional or whatever, emails are simply something we cannot get rid of. It became revolutionary because it was fast, you could receive an email within minutes whereas you’ve to wait until weeks and months to get a letter from your girlfriend (it’s tough on valentines week).

But there is a beautiful thing in here!


Future self

Life on a watch


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Steve Jobs


Future is nothing but time moving forward, but keeping track of your future self is a very highly recommended activity.

Ok, let’s put this!

You can now connect the dots, or at least ask yourself to connect the dots with the help of an email. You can prepare an email to your future self and schedule it, so that you’ll be getting an email from yourself in the future.

Confused? Ah, c’mon!

There are 3 websites which will help you do this.



Life on a watch


FutureMe is one of the best email scheduling service right now. You can write an email to your future self and schedule it to be emailed after years. You can choose a specific date, and put in your email address to receive the email (you’ll have to confirm your email to get the email in future).


It works flawlessly, and the most highly recommended website.

They also have pro plans and payments, but their service is 100% free. You don’t have to pay anything to get this service, it’s absolutely free.


Letter to my future self

Life on a watch


Another website who provide the same service for free. Their process is simple and comfortable, but this is just another alternative to futureme. You can choose between the services and then use the one you like the most.



Life on a watch


This website is for the ones who are serious about this idea. You might take this in a funny way, but people are really taking these types of services seriously.

Dearfutureme is a paid service and they charge around a dollar every month for emailing your future self. If you’re badly serious about this or if you could gain some serious productivity with this technique, then you should go for this website.

Bottom line

The ultimate benefit of these websites is that they deliver on time and you can recollect your memories with time. You can really connect the dots (not on paper), but something or someone should alert you!

You can ask yourself about the progress, you can list a set of tasks to do on this day to your future self and a lot more depending upon who you’re! It’s beautiful, give it a try and thank later.