Is Home Automation the Key to Eco-Friendly Houses?

For the past few years, house automation gained popularity and we can now find plenty of apps to control pretty much everything in our home. However, by using this technology more frequently, are we saving the planet at the same time or are we pushing it towards its demise?

Technology and Nature

Surprisingly, home automation IS eco-friendly. Thanks to an automated house you can handle not only electricity, but also the heat and water consumption. Based on different specialized websites, it allows to protect your house and to spare money.

Whether you use a smart thermostat rising up or down the temperature based on the sunlight outside, a fancy shower head with colors indicating if you’re using to much water or not and other smart products, you can easily go green.

There’s even a system you can install in your roof that will collect rainwater, store it, then reuse it to water the plants when it’s dry outside and even more!

Having a green house will inevitably produce more energy than needed but, no worries, the excess will be used later on. However, it’s worth asking ourselves if all of these apps and devices won’t make us even more addicted to technology.

Bottom Line

Technology constantly evolving and climate change are undeniably part of our everyday life. Thanks to eco-friendly automation we can now update our homes while saving the planet at the same time. If you want to go further, you can always look up for tips to avoid wasting resources or even help your community.

In the meantime, let’s see what the futur holds for upcoming eco-friendly inventions.