The metaverse that Facebook is talking about

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced Meta, the rebranded name of his company Facebook Inc. Even though they mentioned clearly that the name of Facebook social network won’t change, but it’s very clear that the whole thing is changing.


Recently the buzz of metaverse aroused a lot of curiosity within the crowd. Mark Zuckerberg released an one hour long video explaining the future of his company Meta, including visuals giving a clear idea that virtual reality (VR) and  augmented reality (AR) are going to shape our future.

In a few words, the meta verse is a digital world where anyone can interact with their friends, family or colleagues within the matter of minutes with technology like virtual reality. In Meta term, this is a new way of getting connected. But that’s not all, it’s just the beginning of it.


The metaverse is a promising idea which needs really good innovation, product design and millions of hours of development to make it a reality.

If it happens to be real in the next few years, then it will open up a new digital world wherein you can have your own home, friends, workspaces and parties to go with your friends, and you’ll be able to do all this while you’re in your room with a virtual reality headset or glasses.

They’ve showcased a demo of working together, partying together, collecting digital assets, building a home and lot more things that works like wonder.

But it’s definitely going to take some time, possibly 5-10 years. In a quick thought, meta verse might sound like a new interactive social network, but it’s even more than that and it’s going to take even more time of every human being as well.

Let’s wait and see on what Zuckerbeg will be at work.