Robotics is taking an interesting turn and that’s good

Almost a decade back when you hear robots, the first thing that came to our minds is a human like structure with lots of metals. Basically a piece of junk that conveys the idea but doesn’t serve the purpose.

But the reality of robotics is very interesting.

Robots are basically everywhere, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a hardware or a software. Every reaction that you get online while clicking something is handled by a software bot that can do things faster than a human being.

But today, we’re going to discuss about the physical robots that are giving a new perception to the word robotics.


Recently few robotic firms coined a word called Humanoid robots which means that they’ve designed a robot that is almost similar to a human in terms of look (yes it has artificial skin) and works like human being (kind of).

But humanoids aren’t something that we can keep aside off our thoughts. Humanoids are extremely powerful in terms of understanding and learning new things, they’re at-least 100x faster than human beings and they’re literally connected to the internet which gives them anything they want.

In terms of building a close-to-human robot, its a long road to travel, but the progress is very interesting to watch.

Boston Dynamics

A company called Boston Dynamics is doing a great job in making some of the coolest robots the world has ever seen. They’ve designed robotic dogs, soldiers and even dancing robots.

Interestingly these robots can dance, do a full body flip and fight like a solider with a gun. They’re too smart to do things that gives them a value and purpose and of course they’ve been the news makers since years.

All together, the world is witnessing some brilliant innovations and powerful robots from companies like these. They’re powerful beyond our expectations and some of their capabilities are putting the government into a position where it requires a regulation.

Bottom Line

In simple words, we will see more humanoid robots and pet robotic dogs in the near future roaming around the cities with their owners and those days are definitely close.

Most importantly these machines with the power of artificial intelligence has given absolute power to understand, process and react in a desired manner. Let’s look out for some of them coming in few years.