Aggregators are the new way of bringing it together

A nice relaxing weekend after a week of hard work sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Imagine a Sunday morning- the weather is perfect and it seems like the ideal day to go out for that brunch you had planned all week- except you don’t feel like going out. 

You would rather stay in and watch a show. But, with your tummy starting to growl, what would you do?! Or even worse, what show would you watch?!

The answer is right at your fingertips, isn’t it? Unlock your phone, open your Deliveroo or Takeaway app, find the restaurant and order that brunch you fancied! And while you are waiting, browse Netflix and find that show that perfectly suits your mood! The perfect weekend, achieved!

With a few scrolls and some taps, you achieved your goal. How easy was that?! 

This is exactly what Aggregators bring to the table. The easiest access to businesses, services, and entertainment from your locality, and at times the world, at your fingertips. The ultimate middlemen for all your requirements! 

The Art of Connecting

In the world of supply and demand that we live in, finding the right product in the best of conditions is often the key. Aggregators help the buyer find the seller who has the right deal for him/her. 

So how do they do this?

In simple terms, aggregators gather information from different sellers (sources) and make that information available to buyers (customers) who are looking for them. They cater to two customers simultaneously- the buyers who register with them and the customers who use their platform. By doing this, they ensure that both parties get the deal that they want.

Since the advent of the internet, the aggregator business model has experienced a massive boom. With sellers trying to use it to advertise/ sell their products and buyers preferring to purchase from the comfort of their own spaces, the aggregator middlemen have found their demand rising.

Of course, this has also led to more being demanded from the aggregators. Efficient customer service, availability, and prompt delivery mechanisms are now expected from them. As these middlemen of the new age weave their network, the market continues to become easier, and safer to access, thereby providing new dimensions to human thought.

Pandemic Life Savers!

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out an entirely different world in almost its two years of existence. From rushing to work in the mornings and attending dinners and parties in the evening to outings and journeys with friends and family, we shelved them all to sit safely at our homes to prevent the spread of this virus. 

Although that is changing and the world is slowly opening up, it goes without doubt that aggregator businesses were crucial in helping us keep away from each other. Doorstep deliveries of food and other essentials were crucial in allowing us to stay inside. They were also important in ensuring that crowds did not form in fear of a shortage of supplies. 

The role that the aggregator industry played in suppressing the pandemic is often understated. But they really have played a central role in it when situations looked as though they were spinning out of control. 

Growing Beyond The Limitations

Businesses were shy to look into aggregator entrepreneurship opportunities before, owing to several reasons such as profit margins and reliability. But the pandemic has encouraged them to venture into such business models, making availability all the easier.

In fact, the prominence of the Aggregator business model has gone up so much that it now begs the question…

Is this the future of retail commerce? Will traditional businesses fully give way to online purchase and delivery? We will have to wait and see.