Tracking your things has a new innovative and precise way

What if you lose your car keys? How would you find them?

No matter how unbelievable our technological advancements are, if you couldn’t find your car key or a thing that is lost, you failed, the technology failed. Some of the major questions that arise on social media when planes go out of control and out of tracking, it takes a lot of time to find out where exactly the plane is.

But you know where an asteroid is and the speed of a planet rotating its star light years away.

Well, it looks like the answer is “If the car key is lost, we will find it”.

Human Brain

Yes, the human brain is so powerful and so advanced that it will remember the last instances you had with your car key. It could be subconscious but the brain can always go back and find the routes. You’ll do a complete search with your team to find it out and you will find it out.

In most cases it works, but it’s easier if you could get hands on view to route your lost keys or anything that is important. It could even be your dog which is clueless about the way back.

To crack this technologically, all it takes is a tag that you can tie to the things that are important and locate the same with your phone when lost. If it could make a sound and clearly give an idea where exactly it is, that would be a wonderful utility.

Apple AirTag

Yes, the technology exists and the product is now available in the market from Apple Inc. Apple has designed a product called AirTag which is a small circle shaped object that can be kept inside your bags, or you can use it as a car keychain. You can even tie that to your dogs neck belt or literally anything that you would like to track.

The new technology, ultrawideband support AirTag to do massive stunts like precisely locating where exactly the thing is located. Even though there is a range which is not announced by apple but it is expected to be around 800 feet.


Of course there are alternative solutions to AirTag, but the Apple eco-system is something that can never be replaced by an alternative product, hence the discussion of competition never works. These technologies are helpful to find something that you badly need, especially when you’re in hurry to rush for a meeting or even to a hospital.

Even though these actions are made by tech giants, the utility is perfect and that comes at an affordable pricing (not the usual apple thing). So next time when you lose something, don’t blame the keys, blame yourself for not upgrading to technology.