Keyless car entry: the future of driving

When keyless entry was possible in the new generation of premium cars, the most interesting feature was the ability to get inside a car without a key and even start the car by putting the key inside the slot. Keyless entries are basically radio waves and NFC (in some cases) that makes the whole process comfortable.

But you still needed a key nonetheless.


The new generation cars are fully keyless, meaning that they don’t come with an actual metal key that can be used to operate the car. One of the names that comes to everyones mind is nothing but Tesla and especially the Model 3.

Tesla cars are the leading technologically advanced cars that are environmentally-friendly and sometimes it even takes care of the whole driving journey (yes, it has a self driving option). Tesla model 3 comes with a Low Energy bluetooth connection which will authenticate the access to car by sensing the device.

Just in case if your smartphone dies, you can always carry a credit card size NFC card that can be tapped on to a point in car which will give the user access and permissions to drive.


In fact Apple recently partnered with BMW and introduced a car key for BMW that is integrated in an iPhone. Most of the existing and upcoming BMW models are on the list of cars that comes with an Apple key option. The operation is as simple as it gets, your car key will be available in the BMW app as well as the Apple wallet. You can easily go inside the car with your iPhone and the system is automatically detected.

In fact BMW claims that their sharing feature will let you share the key to up to 5 friends of yours which will give them the access to drive the car with their iPhone as the key. Most importantly, this also works with Apple Watch making it even more accessible.


Motorcars received some of the major innovation in the recent years, especially in terms of getting electric (and saving the world). The innovation in self driving cars and even some fully autonomous cars are making it way more attractive to witness these technological advancements.

Growth is promising and innovations always bring a wonderful change to the planet. Maybe our generation is one of the most luckiest to witness the creation of such wonderful technologies. But this doesn’t end here, there’s more to come.

All we need is patience.