100% Renewable Energy might not make sense to the planet

Ensuring 100% renewable energy requires a massive percentage of electric vehicles to occupy the cities, solar panels over the roofs and you name it. The primary objective of the people who are trying to solve these problems is to help the earth recover from global warming.  Fortunately, companies around the world are focusing on their renewable energy projects which are bringing in massive results.

In fact, the electric car generation and the solar panel industry has risen over the roof to help save the world from global warming. Companies like Apple, Google, etc are taking the problem as a responsibility and an opportunity to produce the result.

But there is sad news, or maybe a different challenge. Researches claim that the resources popularly used for renewable energy development are limited in quantity. Metals like cobalt and lithium are really high in demand and less in reserve which makes it less green for the planet to mine these metals.

In fact, mining such metals has been partially banned in few countries due to child labor happening in such mining zones. This problem has become an inevitable challenge to the industry which might limit the speed of development. Hopefully, the companies will figure out an optimal solution to get over these challenges. After all, they love challenges.