Apple recalls MacBook Pro due to over heating risks

Apple is recalling the older MacBook pros due to the risk of overheating. MacBook Pro’s 15inch sold between September 2015 and February 2017 is being recalled by the company, guaranteeing a 100% free battery replacement.  The products could be identified with their respective serial numbers because the company is asking users not to use the device that might pose a safety risk.

Apple is facing multiple controversies since recently due to the MacBook overheating issue, the keyboard problem, iPhone bend gate and few other serious problems like iPhone battery draining. The company used to have comparatively fewer product controversies when Steve Jobs was running it or maybe it’s just that the new YouTuber’s are exposing interesting find outs that never existed before.

Anyway, the company is investing an enormous amount of funds and customer care into fixing the problems that are getting users attention. The company should make sure that the problems will be fixed within a short span of time to keep up the market value of their products.

Source: Apple