Journey from bluetooth headsets to personal assistants

The ability to listen to music with a pair of the headset was a mindblowing technology a few decades back, but it’s taken for granted in this generation powered by technological giants like Apple and Amazon.

Millions of people still use their headsets as a pair of devices used to listen to music, but there are lots of tech addicts and business people as well who make use of the headsets to manage their day to day activities. The technology has become so big that an entire phone could be controlled with voice assistant powered headphones.

Personal Assistant

Business heads and busy people always keep a personal assistant to do the tasks. They distribute their works to save more time and to invest quality time into something that matters the most.

Handling calls, reading up messages and even responding to clients is one of the major tasks handled by a personal assistant in modern businesses. Well, if not everything, most of the things can be done by a voice assistant.

Just plug in a simple headset like an AirPods or Amazon’s new earbuds and you’re good to go. You can answer calls with a tap, you can ask the voice assistant to send a message to your client and even more. It can read messages, make calls, book Uber and a hell lot more.

It saves a lot of time. It’s more like a mini assistant because it cannot do all the jobs that a “human” personal assistant could do. The advanced features provided by brands like Apple are unbelievable, Siri shortcuts is an app that helps you create combinations of activities to be carried. You can create a lot of automation and keep a Siri command for it.

Music Quality

None of the brands is really compromising audio quality in their devices. Apple purchased Beats by Dr.Dre to make better airpods. Google, Amazon and even Microsoft are doing a great job with upcoming headsets.

Apple sold $8 billion worth AirPods in a year, adding more than 50 million customers into their AirPods pool. Imagine 50 million customers carrying a mini assistant with them every single day powerful enough to handle a good chunk of their day to day mobile activities or even save time.

Apple is expected to add more than $10 billion in revenue this year from AirPods alone, although the competition is a very important variable in the equation, it’s fairly possible. It’s pretty clear that a good majority of the AirPods users might not be using voice assistant support to handle even intermediate tasks, but the fact that it’s in their hands is powerful.


The future is very clear, the exceptional growth of voice assistants and the power of machine learning is empowering users around the globe to do well in their job with a $200 headset which was used for music listening purposes since the beginning.

Sound quality is great, the design is beautiful, radiation is kinda harmless and it is powered with a world of information and processing capacity to handle literally anything. You don’t necessarily need a phone these days, just a smartwatch and a compatible headset is all it takes.

There’s definitely more to come. Let’s wait and watch the tech evolving.