Environmental friendly technology is not a luxury, but a necessity

Climate change is real and it’s very clear that there is no switch to turn it off. It will take years, and even if years of proper work happens to recover the planet, 100% recovery is nothing but a dream. According to the documentary “Don’t Panic” by famous statistician Hans Rosling, poor people contribute very less to global warming.

Guess who contributes well? The Rich!


From building sky scapers to mining, the industrial revolution is one of the major reason behind global warming apart from livestock and deforestation. Imagine all the future companies using 100% renewable resources with greater commitment to fighting climate change.

Recovery becomes a bit faster.

That really means a lot.

If you’re an avid follower of startups and upcoming trends, you’d clearly understand how the new generation is giving importance to climate change. A very good majority of the founders are implementing 100% renewable resources to power their companies. Usage of plastic and carbon-emitting substances are totally avoided from use cases.


Tech giants are always in the game of climate change. Google recently invested $2 Billion in renewal energy and all the Apple products are officially crafted with 100% renewable resources. From powering server farms to avoiding plastic inside the office, the companies are putting their maximum into bringing the change.

Kids learn from their dads, that’s why you see millions of startups implementing healthy practices to fight the climate crisis.

The best thing about giants is that they have enough financial resources to fund and execute the operations required to go climate-friendly. They are also supporting and inspiring climate activists to do better with the solution. Technology and infrastructure are one of the reasons behind such a climate change, but we can use the same technology to figure and solve larger climate problems.


climate crisis

Climate crisis is full of challenges, in fact, some challenges are totally out of the box and it doesn’t look like there is a solution. The best part is that the young generation is really interested in taking challenges and are solving it with “innovative” solutions.

The solutions are powered by engineering talents, mathematical and statistical brilliance and professional analysis. Even government (not all governments) are also putting major hands into saving the planet from the climate crisis. United Nations is spreading awareness very seriously throughout the range.

Future of climate and the planet is in our hands. The governments, startups, upcoming industrialists and current giants are also helping to make a change happen positively. Let’s be optimistic about this and support the people to save ourselves.