Microsoft To-Do is now available on the mac app store

Microsoft To-Do is one of the best todo list management application from the house of Microsoft with the support of Wunderlist (a todo list app acquired by Microsoft). Microsoft team had an interesting approach to building this todo list application, and scaling it with different features was exceptionally good.

The company implemented a crowdsourcing system to collect information about user requirements and to build the features which get most upvotes. Building a perfect to-do list application and making it work within a very competitive market is indeed a hustle for Microsoft and it looks like their approach is getting attention.

The option which gives the users to request for a feature and other users to upvote the same makes a lot of sense in building a product like a todo list management. As a part of their feature upgrade and scaling, the company recently launched their MacBook application, fully native and you can now download it today. The build showcases a pure native behavior with very good reliability which was very much in wait. Microsoft is expecting more traction towards the application with the new Mac version.

Source: 9to5 Mac