Instagram is testing a new account recovery feature

“My Instagram account is hacked” is nothing but a common status update we see on Instagram itself. A lot of Instagram accounts gets hacked on a daily basis due to a number of reasons. Not just Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is also working hard to implement features that would help users figure out an easier way to recover their account.

Twitter has an innovative team to develop interesting features which makes the platform efficient and friendly to users. Now, the Instagram team is testing a feature that would help users recover an account with going deep into a support system which is absolutely impractical within the crowd.

It doesn’t really matter if your hacker has changed your details like username or account email, the new method would still help you recover the account with your original email ID. To support this feature, Instagram has enabled a method which will not permanently change your username or email for a “period of time” when you request for a change. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real change or something is done by your hacker, the change won’t reflect for a period of time.

It’s pretty unclear about the release date of the in-app feature, but a feature similar to this would change the way users interact with Instagram.