AI will stop you from bullying someone on Instagram

Online bullying is one of the worst problems faced by users around the globe. Social media giants are working really hard to solve this problem with technology and manual moderations as well. Though users get the chance to report a problem or block a user, the new feature released by Instagram solves the problem even more interestingly.

Instagram announced two new tools that will help you stop getting bullied online. Whenever you post something and if your weird follower is coming in to bully you, the AI will warn them or you can restrict them permanently. Keep in mind, restricting them from commenting is different from unfollowing or blocking them.

The restricting feature will allow you to restrict or unrestrict someone from commenting on your post. AI system will automatically warn the users if they comment something offensive, but you also get the control to restrict it manually. In this case, you’ll get moderation message so that you can approve or disapprove a comment of a problematic follower with the tap of a button. It feels good to see the giants trying to solve such challenges online which is really annoying a good majority of users around the planet. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are making use of AI to fight such problems.

Source : Engadget