Makeup during tutorials with “YouTube Augmented Reality”

Google, the master brain behind the innovations at YouTube has finally arrived with a solution that makes a lot of sense to people who love makeup. It’s pretty clear that makeup channels and recipe channels are getting an unbelievable amount of attention on YouTube which the company is trying to develop with innovation.


The innovation team at YouTube has come up with an interesting solution on YouTube that lets you try makeup in split screen while watching makeup tutorials. This could turn around to be one of the coolest features ever released on YouTube. When you’re watching a YouTube makeup tutorial, you’ll get the option to enable AR with split screen and try the makeup in real time with AR without closing the video session.

In fact, the system works with ads, so that you can make a purchase right away from your favorite brand (if the brand is the one showing the ads). It’s really interesting to see such innovative advertisement opportunities for fashion brands to explore. Google team is consistently working hard on improving the conversion rate for customers and the creators as well. Ads like these will definitely bring more user interaction with strong sales that might make YouTube, the favorite spot for advertisers.

Source: Google