AT&T is cancelling Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders

Samsung is having a bad time dealing with the delays of the Galaxy Fold. The company is already facing a number of controversies due to their Galaxy Fold device which has it’s own screen problems shared by a number of YouTubers around the globe. Apart from the controversies, the piece of technology developed by Samsung is interestingly fresh and has its own value for money for the kind of customers who are comfortable with it.

Although, the brands like AT&T is canceling the pre-orders of Samsung Galaxy Fold due to the delay in production happening inside Samsung’s production team. AT&T informed all of its customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold with an email that mentions the delay from Samsung.

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AT&T is offering a $100 card with the letter so that users can pre-order the device again once it’s available officially. Samsung was supposed to fix the problems and launch the product by May, but as of now, there is no comment from the company regarding the delay. The company might face problems in the future if the device gets even more delayed.

Source: Toms Guide