High-speed LiFi will be available soon on Air France

Imagine an airplane company that offers in-flight internet connection which works like butter. Air France is working really hard on implementing LiFi (light fidelity) connections on Air France flights are committed to delivering a massive internet experience for their customers. Oledcomm is trying to bring in 100mbps speed on flights which will let users surf 4K videos, AR and even more interesting internet activities without compromise of quality.

Oledcomm representative mentioned that the in-flight LiFi max will be available by the end of this year for Air France customers. LiFi uses light transmission to route network connectivity and has a shorter range with high secure sessions. It doesn’t work like WiFi but has more efficiency especially when inside an aircraft. Although it’s expensive than WiFi, Air France is taking its chance to serve the users with the speed that’s unimaginable inside an aircraft.

Source: Oledcomm