The race to upgrade decides the future of smartphone OS

When was the last time you thought about updating your smartphone? maybe a week? 6 months? or a year?

Well, the smartphone industry is booming with interesting technology that comes inside a package or a capsule called “Software updates”. If you’re wondering what’s a software update, then you should seriously consider learning the idea of these updates.

To give a brief, a Software update is nothing but “updates” for your phone within the software boundary. It could be a security update, a feature update or something like a major changeover to your entire smartphone.  Giants like Google and Apple launches a new version of their latest software every year with a big launch event inviting all the tech heads.


Their objective is to change the smartphone world with interesting new features that could potentially save you more battery with better user interface and experience and performance without a question. Truth to be told, Google officially revealed the fact that only 10% of their users are using their latest software (Android Pie) is one of the most irritating news that Google can expect.

There are multiple reasons behind it and one of the most important reason is that it’s an open source software used by 100’s of brands around the world. Being an open source software, the control has gone out of Google’s hand which makes it even more confusing. It’s pretty clear that Google cannot make it go higher without establishing strict protocols.

On the other side, Apple has a jaw-dropping 80% of its users running the latest software on their devices. That’s a very good metric which could potentially drive more Apple users to update the software. In fact, Apple’s branding is done in such a way that their users get the feel to upgrade even though they don’t really need it.

Who’s the Winner?

It’s not these giants who win this game, it’s simply the users who are enjoying a bundle of advanced technologies at a cheaper price. They enjoy these features because there is a healthy competition and that’s what drives the industry. Every time when Apple releases its latest software version or when Google does that, users are waiting for the upcoming features and not the new software that might be the coolest one in the version control.

Interestingly, the brands are working hard on making users upgrade their OS even if they don’t need it. Which might sound like a negative idea, but it’s actually good thinking which will help users and industry from multiple angles.