Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drones aren’t practical yet

Amazon is consistently working on their Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service which is still in the testing phase. The company and the engineers are redesigning the drone with six wings that could potentially give more flexibility to the drone in order to tackle the existing challenges. The new hybrid design can take off and land vertically with 6 wings making it a hexacopter.

Hexacopters are more stable than a quadcopter to handle wind guts and other challenges. The engineers are also putting efforts on making the AI more efficient to overcome challenges like delivery when it rains, keeping a range of 15 miles and most importantly to avoid crashing in electric lines.

Safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to drone-based delivery. Drone companies like DJI are working hard on improving their drone safety by introducing features like AirSense to avoid crashing with airplanes and helicopters. After all, Amazon hires the best engineers on the planet, they might not find it hard to engineer a drone that could tackle all the challenges that exist both software and hardware.