augmented reality

Creative creations with augmented reality and virtual reality

There are lots of realities these days, and they are interestingly creative. Technological advancements have taken us to points where we could create our own reality and puke to its extent (vomiting after experiencing virtual reality is pretty obvious, refer: Virtual Reality Sickness).

Well, the objective of realities like virtual reality and most importantly augmented reality is pretty simple. When you can make your own reality, the chances of being more creative and fast at producing good work becomes higher. Just like every other innovation, the best place to implement all of these technological advancements is “business”.


Well, virtual reality has reached a point where it’s more of a personal thing for youngsters these days. There are lots of virtual reality games and movies to watch, at the same time virtual reality is also making health problems for eyes and your brain as well. It’s not very damaging, but it’s potentially damaging.

Augmented reality hops in when you have a screen or a hologram to visualize a reality. Augmented reality definitely has a big pie in the future, otherwise, giants like Apple won’t be investing in such technologies. Microsoft is also very keen about augmented reality with their mind-blowing hologram lens proving that actual hologramic possibilities are the future.


Augmented reality is definitely the future of creative business, imagine an architect or an automotive designer designing his/her own automotive or building with the help of an hologramic lens. You’ll get a complete idea about augmented reality and the future of hologram lens with this video,

Microsoft is consistently investing in such technologies and it’s very clear that they’re going to grab a big pie in the future of augmented reality business. Quality and creativity of each industry will skyrocket once the practical implementation of augmented reality happens in a healthy manner.


The chances of getting confused about virtual reality and physical reality is less and the developers are aware of it. But there are problems that are coming in the future due to these technologies. The developers or brands cannot create a one fit thing for all the type of audience in the market.

As I mentioned earlier, there are problems like virtual reality sickness which is becoming popular these days within the virtual reality audience. The problem is that these companies are not being strictly controlled. A company who wants to make cheap virtual reality available in the market can do so without considering health problems, but the reality gets worse.

Bottom Line

As we all clearly know, physical reality is the most beautiful gift we have. Virtual reality and augmented reality is very much in need to make our work efficient and creative, also helps you enjoy some time playing games. The only concern should be health problems especially when it comes to eye problems and brain damages.

Industrial or business use cases of these technologies are definitely worth implementing. Also, the tech giants are investing the funds hoping to make this available for an affordable cost. Maybe this could be the new computer, Google glass proved it to an extent and now the rivals are proving it again.

To conclude, when it comes to these realities, stay optimistic and safe!