Google Home To Now Play Ambient Sounds For Disney Stories

Remember bedtime stories? Those short stories that always brought words to life, filling your head with dreams and imaginations far more possible than anything else? To children, bedtime stories are irreplaceable. And they are important too, they help in improving imagination and preserving the kid inside them. Disney has always played an important role in imagination and bringing stories to life, and the company is taking it a bit further.

Disney has partnered with Google to assist parents and kids with bedtime stories. This feature, that is especially available on Google Home now plays ambient music and sound effects that add the magic part to stories.

The only thing that now needs to be done is to say, “OK Google, let’s read with Disney”. And once that is said and done, Disney and Google would take care of the rest. You can just read the story, and Google Home would be distributing sound effects and music that would be keeping with the theme of the story.

Living Stories

This feature would be working with the classic Disney stories, and Google Home would supply the music quotient. Google Home would be recognizing changes that would be made to the story, and the device would adjust according to that. Google Home would also be intelligent to stop its ambient music technology once it senses that the child is asking a question or has begun to play during the reading of the story.

This new feature from Google extends the horizons of how much Google can do. Google Home is turning out to be not just a nice thing to have, but a surely needed object in everyone’s home. And if you have kids, then Google has added another reason on why you need the Google Home.

Smart Sounds

Google Home is also getting updates that ables Google to do more with its services. Google would also soon be getting the option to take in three tasks at once. For example, you can ask Google to start playing the radio, increase the volume of the sound and set an alarm for 7 hours, and Google would be able to process all that information and play it accordingly.

But of course, issues concerning the use of the microphone comes up with this. This service works with the use of the microphone, and the service is hence able to distinguish if it is the child or the parent talking because of the use of its microphone. So, is Google Home always ears to every information going around the house? And that is something that worries customers for now.

Source: Google Blog