Smart oven to identify your food for better cooking

If you’ve ever tried cooking with the help of a microwave oven, you might have understood the mathematics of getting away with it. A lot of resources including books, videos, and even podcasts tell us how to preheat and cook at a certain temperature, in fact, some ovens have the data printed on it.

Still, we either overcook it or burn it.


Imagine a smart oven with smart eyes (you can call it cameras) helping you out cooking your favorite dish perfectly. Well, it’s so close that in the recent CES 2019, Whirlpool launched their new smart oven which has brilliant features.

There is a camera inside the oven that can track and see what your food is and then prepare it without human interactions. Just like every other smart device, the smart oven comes with an application that keeps you notified with the status of the food (you can even control the oven with your app).

The scan to cook features will be available only for a few frozen foods, but that’s a leap forward indeed. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant as well (that’s pretty normal these days isn’t it?).

The countertop oven comes with a price tag of $799 and will be available for pre-order very soon. You can visit the CES 2019 if you’re so excited.

Source: Engadget