Spatial audio could be the next big thing in sound technology

Apple Inc has a very good history of building innovative products and solutions for the consumers. They keep developing new products and softwares that could potentially make a dent in the universe (as popularly said). After the death of Steve Jobs, the public opinion of Apple not being as innovative as before arose.

In fact, this general opinion could be right, but some of the new inventions from Apple are actually changing the way we do things.


Apple has achieved more than $8B sales for AirPods alone in a year and it’s consistently growing. Some of the most important reasons are the quality of AirPods, new iPhone with no headphone jacks and ease of use. Apple sells AirPods and AirPods Pro for comparatively higher prices on the market and people are still buying it. The ecosystem is only complete once an AirPods is plugged in.


Apple recently launched a new feature on AirPods which is nothing but a update for AirPods. The update comes with a feature called Spatial Audio which is an absolute innovation.

Imagine watching a movie and suddenly you feel like the character is behind you, that snake is hissing beneath your leg and so on. Well, Spatial audio is just that, it creates a positioning of sound so that you get a feeling that things are happening around you.

It’s different than Dolby and it’s way too good to give it a try.

Interestingly the feature is getting attention as more developers are showing interest in it. Recently Apple announced that Spatial Audio is coming to FaceTime calls so that you can feel your friend or a colleague’s sound near you.

Today, Clubhouse has announced that they’re working on building Spatial Audio for the app so that Clubhouse discussion can get realistic. Netflix has also reportedly started working on adding Spatial audio to their apps.

Altogether it looks like an advancement in the space of sound technology, the consistency of such technologies remains to be seen nonetheless. So far, Spatial audio sounds good.