Spotify to suspend users for using Ad-blockers

Spotify is booming in the music subscription market with its amazing technology and brilliant user base. The company which was founded in 2006, became financially stable enough to manage the technology itself recently in the last year May (while hitting the IPO).


Well, 1.3% of the total users at Spotify which comes around 2 million users are found out to be using some kind of ad blockers to avoid ads in Spotify. The company makes a decent amount of revenue selling ads on its platform for its free users while there is a big pool of premium subscribers in Spotify.

The only way to make way for free users is to showcase ads and to generate revenue, but if the users are on ad blockers to block Spotify ads, then there is no way for Spotify to generate revenue from its free users.

Using an ad-blocker can never be justified according to Spotify and the websites that run on the ad-revenue model. They seek the user’s respect for delivering such technology for $0, but with few ads which aren’t really disturbing.

Finally, Spotify has taken the most important decision to strictly ban all free users provided that they are using ad blockers while streaming on Spotify. The rule is very strict and could lead to a permanent ban on the account as well. At least this time, users could show some kind of respect for what’s delivered by Spotify to improve its user base and to develop the experience.

Enjoy the music and the ads, after all, they are interest-based ads.

Source: TechCrunch

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