Tesla is developing their own EV battery cells

Tesla was depending upon Panasonic EV battery cells since some time, but things might change very soon. According to reports from CNBC, Telsa employees has opened up to the fact that Tesla is developing their own EV lithium-ion battery cells. Running on Panasonic EV battery cells, Tesla has achieved enormous fame in the automotive industry.

Elon Musk, being the co-founder at Tesla, is a major problem solver especially in the case of battery problems. His famous executions on solar city, electric vehicles and space expeditions have made him one of the best entrepreneurs on the planet. As a problem solver, it’s pretty obvious that Tesla is developing its own electric battery cells to solve problems such as short range or fast charging, etc.

As a part of developing their own battery, the company will save a lot of money which might even make Tesla cheaper in the market within a few years. No matter whether Tesla uses Panasonic batteries or their own, there are customers waiting to buy the innovation.